Scratch and Water Stain Removal

A1 Window Cleaning specializes in the restoration of water stained and scratched glass. We can save you big money by restoring your glass as opposed to replacing it.

Our Services

Scratch Removal

  • A1 Window Cleaning uses the GlassRenu system to safely and effectively remove scratches, graffiti, and etching from glass. With the GlassRenu system,
  • we can restore shower glass, sliding glass doors with pet scratches, graffiti or “tagged” glass, and any other glass resurfacing needs you have while saving you big money over replacing the glass.
  • Our system works by grinding the scratch area down past the depth of the scratch and then polishes the glass back up to its proper state.
  • To learn more about the GlassRenu system, visit
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Water Stain Removal

A1 Window Cleaning specializes in removing tough and permanent water stains from sprinklers, runoff, neglect, showers etc. We have multiple methods of doing so from polishing compounds, professional grade acids and glass resurfacing with GlassRenu.

Glass Sealer

Protect your glass from water damage by having A1 Window Cleaning apply specially formulated window glass sealer. Our sealer works to repel water by forming an invisible barrier on the surface of the glass which is hydrophobic. Once treated, water will bead up and roll off the glass. Our sealer will also increase the glass surface’s resistance to abrasion, etching and scratching.