Residential Services

A1 Window Cleaning specializes in taking expert care of your home’s window cleaning needs. We have the expertise, experience, equipment, and the integrity to make your windows look their best. Over the years of servicing the Reno, Sparks, and Lake Tahoe area, we’ve cleaned every type of residence from small apartments to 20,000+ sq.ft. mansions.

What can you expect from A1 Window Cleaning?

  • Up Front, No Obligation, Complimentary Estimate and Evaluation of your home’s glass cleaning needs.
  • Free Trial of our service (see Free Trial Offer). Let A1 Window Cleaning earn your trust with our no-obligation, free trial offer.
  • Prompt, efficient, professional, and courteous service from technicians you ACTUALLY WILL like having in your home.
  • Safe and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions
  • 100% service satisfaction guarantee. If we’ve missed something, or you are unhappy with anything, we will rush back to your location and make it right.
  • Referral Rewards Program. Get paid cash, or earn free cleaning by telling your friends and family about A1 Window Cleaning.


Interior and Exterior Window cleaning

  • A1 Window Cleaning has the equipment to safely and effectively clean any windows you may have. We train our technicians to properly walk on roofs, use ladders safely according to OSHA standards, and even use ropes if needed in rare cases.
  • A1 Window Cleaning uses gear designed to efficiently clean the interior of windows in a residential setting. This means we wear booties and take the needed precautions to make sure no damage is done to sills, floors, or other adjacent furniture.

Screen Cleaning

A1 Window Cleaning offers the option to have your screens cleaned. When cleaning the glass, we carefully remove and replace the screens in order to reach the glass. If screen cleaning is a service you want, we are happy to clean them with specially formulated products that will remove all the dirt, debris, and silt that your screen is hanging on to. This is a great way to improve the appearance of your screens, preserve the life of the screens, and reduce the possibility of soil or dust coming off the screens and onto your clean glass or into your home. A1 Window Cleaning also offers Screen Sealer as an additional measure after screen cleaning.

Screen Before

Screen After

reno wash windows

Track Cleaning

If the trays beneath your window or “tracks” have accumulated dirt and debris, consider having us clean them when we clean your windows. A1 Window Cleaning will first vacuum them with a HEPA filtered vacuum. Then we detail any remaining dirt or debris using brushes and towels to make the tracks look like they did when they were new. Finally, A1 Window Cleaning will lubricate your tracks using silicone lubricant. This service improves the sliding functionality of your windows, improves the cleanliness of your home, and preserves the life of your windows’ tracks.

Water Stain Removal

A1 Window Cleaning specializes in removing tough and permanent water stains from sprinklers, runoff, neglect, showers etc. We have multiple methods of doing so from polishing compounds, professional grade acids and glass resurfacing with GlassRenu.

reno window cleaner

Glass Sealer

Protect your glass from water damage by having A1 Window Cleaning apply specially formulated window glass sealer. Our sealer works to repel water by forming an invisible barrier on the surface of the glass which is hydrophobic. Once treated, water will bead up and roll off the glass. Sealer will also increase the glass surface’s resistance to abrasion, etching and scratching.

Scratch Removal

A1 Window Cleaning uses the GlassRenu system to safely and effectively remove scratches, graffiti, and etching from glass. With the GlassRenu system, we can restore shower glass, sliding glass doors with pet scratches, graffiti or “tagged” glass, and any other glass resurfacing needs you have, while saving you big money over replacing the glass.

Mirrors, Shower Glass, Partition Glass, Chandelier, Etc. Cleaning

Enjoy the same professional cleaning result as we give you with your windows on anything else you have made of glass.

Screen Repair

A1 Window Cleaning offers full-service window screen replacement and repair. We can repair existing screens that have been torn, worn, or bent, or we can build new ones.

Pressure Washing

A1 Window Cleaning offers cold-water pressure washing service that is useful for rinsing dirt and spider webs off of siding, cleaning walkways, patios, and driveways, or for cleaning garage floors. Our pressure washing service is not high-pressure enough to strip paint or prepare surfaces for painting or construction work and is offered as a cleaning service only.

Gutter Cleaning

A1 Window Cleaning has the ladders and equipment needed to clean, unclog, and maintain your gutter system.

Construction Cleaning

A1 Window Cleaning is experienced in cleaning glass in the new construction setting. A1 Window Cleaning can effectively remove stickers, construction debris, glue, tape, mortar, etc. from glass and frames. A1 Window Cleaning is familiar with the construction process and timeline and can help with any construction cleaning or final cleaning needs for commercial or residential constructions. We have worked with many builders of buildings, custom homes, and new home developments.

Reno Solar Panel Cleaning with Brush

Solar Panel Cleaning

A1 Window Cleaning specializes in the use of all necessary equipment needed to carefully clean, and maintain your solar panel system.